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Sunday, 14 April 2013

TV Series: Top Dog Down Under

who: 1 female actor, 25-32, must love dogs
what: TV Series 
Why: paid 
when: full time filming from 11 May
with: Stef Burney 0410 1100

Casting - 1 Female Presenter for international TV series

Please email your résumé, head shots, showreel link and preferably online audition piece to camera / direct address video link to A short list / call back list will be compiled from this. Contact Stef on 0410 1100 86 with queries. 

1 female TV host and presenter for an internationally purchased 26 episode series. It will be a paid role with filming being full time for 3 weeks from 11 May. 

The show is hosted by a male and female presenter. A young and gregarious pair who possess a warm and comfortable on-screen presence. James (already cast) is dapper, gentle and cultured while In the female presenter we are looking for a home-grown country girl; Strong, smart and capable but also congenial and friendly. Aged 25 - 32.

Together the two of them provide a stable reference point for the audience. The jovial rapport between The presenters underpins the show with a familiarity and general affinity that clearly welcomes the audience in and makes them feel at home.

Both presenters love dogs, a fact that is honestly conveyed to the audience by their on-screen interactions with both the animals and each other. They banter, they joke and, above all else, they have fun!

About Top Dog Down Under

Top Dog Down Under is a TV series that seeks to uncover which pure breed of dog makes the best house hold pet. Supported by Dogs West, Top Dog Down Under is both fun and educational, informing viewers about the benefits of pure breed dogs and how they are professionally judged, while simultaneously providing a high level of entertainment value.

The dogs, and their owners, are pitted against each other in a competition that will leave audiences wanting more. The stakes are high, the pressure is intense, the potential for glory; Unlimited.

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